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1.  Select a brochure by searching on  condition (diabetes, skin cancer, cholesterol), supplier (Pfizer, Arthritis Society), or specialty (gyneacology, cardiology) or use the ‘search’ button and enter a searchword.

2.  Order the desired amount of brochures; you can select and add as many brochures as yorou wish (a minimum of 3 titles per brochure is required).

3.  At any time, you can view your current selection of brochures under the tab ‘my order’

4. To finalize your order, click the ‘submit order’ button.

5.  Ordering brochures for the first time?  Please register first by following the ‘register now’ link on the left hand side under the login button.  If you have already registered, please login first using the login option on the left hand side of the page. 

6. You will receive your brochures within 10 days.

7. Need any further assistence or information?  Please contact us at 1.877.656.9996.  Thank you for ordering on Patient Brochures.